₹88 lakh robot helps fire brigade douse fire at Mumbai MTNL building


As the Mumbai Fire Brigade carried out rescue operations in the MTNL building in Bandra West Monday, a robot was seen assisting them in dousing the fire. The firefighting robot, worth Rs 88 lakh, is being seen as an alternative to human firefighters in situations which may prove dangerous to them.


The robot can be remote controlled and is fitted with a thermal imaging camera to identify the number of people trapped and assist in zero visibility conditions. This will help it in situations where visibility is low due to smoke and dust.

The robot has a two-year warranty and a five-year maintenance contract. The robot runs on battery that takes eight hours to charge.

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Regarding its performance, the robot can spout 3,000 litres of water per minute. It can also operate in narrow lanes where bulky fire tenders and vehicles cannot reach. The robot can also cross obstacles with height not more than one foot.

Speaking to Thre Free Press Journal, Prabhat Rahangdale, the chief fire officer, had said, “For now, only one robot has been added to the brigade. In some incidents, our firefighters have to face life-threatening situations in zero visibility. There is thick smoke and no ventilation. In such conditions, the robot can be sent in their stead and we can get a clear picture of the situation within.”