100 metres around hospitals, schools declared ‘Silence Zone’ in Ladakh | India News


LEH/JAMMU: The Ladakh Pollution Control Committee (LPCC) has declared a 100-metre area around hospitals and schools as ‘silence zone‘, officials said.
“100-metre area around hospitals and schools & courts is declared as ‘silence zone’ banning total use of loudspeakers”, they said.
It is forbidden to use loudspeakers, horns, or burst crackers in these areas, officials said.
LPCC has categorised areas into four zones- industrial area, commercial area, residential area and silence zone and has fixed ambient air quality standards with respect to noise.
While 75, 65, 55 and 50 decibels have been fixed as noise limits for industrial, commercial, residential and silence areas respectively in the day, it has fixed 70, 55, 45, and 40 decibels respectively for these areas in the night.

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