1619 Project’s Nikole Hannah-Jones mocks NYC mom’s subway safety woes


The critical race theory crusader who founded the controversial 1619 Project took time out of her busy schedule this week to mock a Brooklyn mom concerned about subway safety.

Education activist Yiatin Chu got the attention of Pulitzer Prize-winner Nikole Hannah-Jones Thursday after she tweeted about her frightening and foul commute.

“Paid $2.75 to be in a subway car with a loud and aggressive man threatening to hit his female partner. Switched cars at next stop to be in a public toilet / urine-odor, crowded car for the rest of my ride.”

“[Gov. Kathy] Hochul and [Mayor] Adams own it,” Chu added. “They said so themselves” — referring to the pair’s pre-Election Day promise to flood the subway system with cops in the face of a 39% rise in violent crime.

Yiatin Chu on the East Broadway F train.
Yiatin Chu got Nikole Hannah-Jones’ attention after tweeting about her commute this week.

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