70% of agricultural households possess land less than 1 hectare, finds survey

NEW DELHI: A total of 54% of the rural families are agricultural households, with 70% of them possessing land less than 1 hectare, the latest survey on land holdings and rural households has found. It is further been found that just 0.4% of the agricultural households possess land above 10 hectare.
In contrast, of the total non-agricultural households, which forms 46% of the total rural households, those possessing land less than 1 ha is almost 99%. The survey, carried out by national statistical office for the year 2019, has found that nearly 77% of the agricultural households are self-employed, with 69% into crop production. The remaining households which are into employment include 7.7% as into regular salaried work while a high 14% is into casual labour.
Among the non-agricultural households, 48.6% are into casual labour while nearly 18% are into regular salaried work….

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