A Favorable Short-term Forecast for Wildfires, and Satellite Technology for Wildfire Monitoring


Just as meteorologists were able to provide excellent forecasts regarding the heatwave, we are also able to contribute valuable one-week predictions of meteorological conditions that can lead to wildfires and smoke.

And the forecasts for the next week are favorable.

But before I provide those forecasts, let me show off some powerful weather satellite technology that really helps our society keep track of wildfire occurrence.

For example, our GOES (Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite) covering the West Coast can spot the heat emissions from fires.  Below is the image from last night, with the orange colors indicating fires. Several little fires in BC and northeast Washington, but the big action is over south-central Oregon.  The biggest smoke plume too.

Other satellites (polar orbiting weather satellites) can view the earth in several wavelengths and can map out where…

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