After ESOPs to top brass discontentment, IndiGo hikes pilots’ salaries from April 1

NEW DELHI: Facing widespread discontent from its pilots — whose Covid time pay cuts continue — after giving ESOPS worth several crores to management brass, IndiGo has decided to partially restore their salaries from Friday April 1. They will first get a 8% hike and then another 6.5% from November 1, 2022, if there are no further flight disruptions for reasons like Covid or geopolitical tensions.
“Now, as we have established continuous steady operations, on behalf of our MD (Rahul Bhatia)… I am pleased to announce an upwards revision of 8% in salaries of all our pilots with effect from April 1, 2022.… Further, as we look forward to a positive revenue environment and hopefully we don’t witness any further interruptions to operations, we also plan to implement an additional 6.5% revision from November 1, 2022,” Captain Ashim Mittra, IndiGo’s senior VP (flight operations)…

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