Albany has undermined the supervised-release program, making the city more dangerous


On July 8, 2015, Mayor Bill de Blasio proudly announced $17.8 million in funding to broadly expand a citywide Supervised Release program. The initiative was designed to extend judges’ options beyond setting cash bail and to release defendants based on their promise to participate in community-based programming, live a law-abiding life and come to court as a judge directed.

As police commissioner I fully supported that project at the time, and I stated, “This program moves the city towards a more fair and equitable criminal-justice system by decreasing unnecessary detention for those individuals awaiting trial, while more accurately assessing public-safety risk and the supervision necessary to prevent people from reentering the criminal-justice system.”

I believed that then, and I believe that now. That is why I am so disheartened by the state of the…

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