Amazon Pay’s #AbHarDinHuaAasan marketing campaign highlights the benefit of virtual bills for traders in India


Amazon’s Pay emblem marketing campaign #AbHarDinHuaAasan suggests the numerous possibilities virtual charge structures gift for small corporations in India. Meet Pawan he’s a road supplier who runs a small meals stall in Barasat, West Bengal.

He receives maximum of his takeaway meals orders all through lunch and breakfast hours. However, it’s been hard for him to juggle among gathering coins bills and returning unfastened change, well timed packing of consumer orders, and reconciling the bills later. To clear up the problem, Pawan has lately began out accepting bills thru the Amazon Pay QR code. Customers can experiment the QR code to be had on his stall and pay him the precise quantity for his or her orders.

Pawan can right away validate the charge receipt, with out time and again searching at his phone, via voice notifications at the Amazon Pay for…

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