Amit Shah: Congress has no shame, favoured Triple Talaq for vote bank politics


Union Home Minister Amit Shah launched a scathing attack on the Congress party for their stance on the abolition of Triple Talaq saying that they have no shame.


Amit Shah, speaking in an event on “Abolition of Triple Talaq: Correcting a Historic Wrong”, said that Congress didn’t give a single justification for their stand on the abolition of the triple talaq and argued just to register protest so their vote bank stays intact.

“Even today, Congress has no shame, they say they are in favour of triple talaq and it should stay. Why? They have no answer,” said Shah at the event.

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Shah also criticised Rajiv Gandhi for overturning Supreme Court’s decision to abolish triple talaq and compulsory provision of maintenance in Shah Bano case.

“On 23 April 1985, Supreme Court gave the order in favour of Shah Bano, the court abolished triple talaq, made provision for maintenance mandatory. But, Rajiv Gandhi under pressure from orthodox Muslims and vote bank brought a law overturning SC’s decision,” said Shah.

Shah said that the vote bank politics has caused loss to the nation in many ways and Triple Talaq is one such example. He also said that vote bank politics is the reason that the evil practice of Triple Talaq was allowed for so many years.

“I would like to make it clear that the triple talaq (Bill) is only for the benefit of the Muslim community, not for anything else. Hindus, Christians, and Jains are not going to benefit by it because they never had to suffer due to it,” he said.

“Some parties opposed the bill in the Parliament but deep inside their heart they knew it was a malpractice that needed to end but they didn’t have the courage to do it,” he added.

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