Andre Woods left woman to die on Dallas, Texas street: report


A Texas man viscously beat a woman he intended to pay for sex and left her to die on a street — but got caught after he left a receipt with his name and location on her dumped body, according to police and published reports.

Andre Woods, 22, allegedly admitted to cops that he slugged the woman 20 times in a Dallas motel and tried to cover up the crime by bleaching away the blood stains in the room, the Dallas Morning News reported.

But his plan went awry when he left her body at an intersection about a mile south of the motel — but forgot to collect a receipt that had his name and motel room number on it, the report said.

Woods allegedly told investigators he first picked the victim up at a liquor store in East Dallas for their tryst, reported the Dallas Morning News.

Woods reportedly told investigators that the beating went down after he and the…

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