Apple at its WWDC 2019 conference introduced Apple iOS 13 update for iPhone users. The latest iteration of iOS comes with a range of new features and improvements. In a first, Apple has introduced a slew of features for users in India.


With iOS 13, Siri has added a new Indian English voice. The new OS supports all 22 Indian languages with the addition of 15 new Indian language keyboards including Assamese, Bodo, Dogri, Kashmiri (Devanagari, Arabic), Konkani (Devanagari), Manipuri (Bangla, Meetei Mayek), Maithili, Nepali, Sanskrit, and more.

While the keyboard now supports romanised Hindi and English, the Devanagari Hindi keyboard will also support typing predictions.

There are 30 new document fonts for Hindi, Marathi, Nepali, Sanskrit, Bengali, Assamese, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Kannada, Gurmukhi, Malayalam, Odia, and Urdu. Four new system fonts for Gurmukhi, Kannada, Odia, and Gujarati have also been added.

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“When you set up a new device, Apple iOS 13 presents enhanced options if it detects that you may speak more than one language. It offers to add relevant languages to your keyboard, dictation languages, and preferred languages,” says Apple on its website.

For data conscious users, Apple has launched video downloads optimisation. With this feature video streaming platforms such as HotStar and Netflix can optimise the time of day to download your video. Apple says the feature will help these platforms to avoid congested networks and peak cellular data prices.

Apple has already started rolling out developer beta of Apple iOS 13 and the first public beta will be available later in July. The stable version is scheduled to roll out later this year.