At over 17,000, India’s daily Covid count at 124-day high | India News

India logged another spurt in Covid-19 infections on Thursday, with daily cases surging to a 124-day high of more than 17,200 on the back of an increase in testing.
This was a sharp jump from the previous day’s tally of 13,316, which was till then the highest single-day increase in cases during the current surge that began earlier this month, as per TOI’s Covid database. Thursday’s total was the highest in the country since February 19.
Wednesday’s tally had come out of a decreased number of tests the day before, which had led to the national positivity rate spiking to nearly 4.3%. Testing increased substantially on Wednesday – nearly 6.6 lakh from 3.1 lakh a day earlier – resulting in more cases being detected.
Maharashtra reported 5,218 fresh cases, the highest single-day surge since February 11. Delhi reported (1,934 cases, highest since February 4). The day’s toll from the virus…

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