‘Attempt at whitewashing?’ Martial Law Museum slams Toni Gonzaga over Marcos interview

bongbong marcos

Former Sen. Bongbong Marcos. FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines — “May we invite you to instead talk to the victims and surviving families of the Martial Law regime?”

The Ateneo de Manila University’s Martial Law Museum offered this proposition to actress Toni Gonzaga as it criticized the latter’s interview with former senator Bongbong Marcos on her Toni Talks Youtube show.

According to the museum, Gonzaga’s sit-down interview with the son of late dictator Ferdinand Marcos has “contributed to the Marcos family’s attempts to whitewash their human-rights violations and its proven historical record.”

“Inviting the son of a murderous and corrupt dictator of our country to your show benefits no one and pushes back the struggle to gain justice from the atrocities committed by the Marcos regime and against historical revisionism running rampant amongst our people,” the…

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