Ayoni Talks ‘The Vision’ EP & Shares Her Influences With New Playlist – Hollywood Life


When the final curtain falls on 2022, Ayoni will make sure to take a bow. In the past six months, the Barbados-born singer released The Vision EP, a new collection of music heralded by singles “You Said I Love You Too Soon” and “Before I Prosper.” With the arrival of The Vision in September, Ayoni continued her path toward music superstardom, pairing her dynamic voice against production that weaves between the genres. There are touches of R&B, soul, dance, pop, and psychedelia, all pieced together to create a captivating listening experience from start to finish.

(Caleb Griffin)

“I’ve fallen deeper into the rabbit hole of adulthood and come to intimately know the loneliness and confusion that dwells simultaneously alongside the novelty and joy of forging my own path in this…

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