Beware of ‘anti-Gujarat gang’ maligning image: PM to voters | India News

SURAT: Without naming any opposition party, Prime Minister Narendra Modi cautioned people on Saturday against an “anti-Gujarat gang” relentlessly spreading falsehoods and defaming the state and its people by using foul language.
“Beware. Now that elections are here, a gang trying to malign Gujarat’s image in the world by spreading canards is working overtime now. Their choice of words for Gujarat is unacceptable,” Modi said at an election rally in Valsad.
Modi said Gujaratis have never harmed anyone and, instead, have mingled everywhere just like sugar mixes with milk. “Gujaratis have also embraced all who came to the state. You need to tell such elements to stop creating an atmosphere of hate and spreading lies about Gujarat,” he said.
“Gujaratis are tirelessly working for the development of the state. But these elements want to put Gujarat in reverse gear. They…

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