Bienve Marañon bids United City goodbye, headed overseas

Ceres Negros

Bienve Marañon leads Ceres-Negros past Svey Rieng of Cambodia. CERES PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines—Bienve Marañon has bid goodbye to United City FC, a club he’s called home for almost more than six years.

The club announced on social media that Marañon is set to transfer to a team overseas and wished the naturalized Filipino forward nothing but the best.

“UCFC would like to congratulate Bienve on his well-deserved career move & thank him for his services to the club as a decorated player & co-captain,” wrote United City on Twitter.

“While it’s sad to see him leave at this time, it opens great opportunities for UCFC in preparation for the 2022 season. Good luck!”

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