Bigg Boss 12: EXCLUSIVE! Is Anup Jalota-Jasleen Matharu’s relationship a game plan?


Salman Khan’s controversial reality show Bigg Boss 12 started on Sunday and the participation of Bhajan singer Anup Jalota with his 28-year-old girlfriend Jasleen Matharu, became the hot topic of discussion among the contestants.


The duo, who claimed that they have been dating each other for over three years, were heavily trolled on social media as well.

Before entering the Bigg Boss 12 house, Jasleen and Anup said that they just share guru and shishya relationships.

Later, Jasleen clarified that they have dating each other for last three years. But after entering the house Jasleen denied sharing bed with Anup which came as a shock for everyone.

Anup tried to take a bed next to her, the inmates told that it is already taken. This made Anup reply, “Toh main dur hogaya, hum khule main soenge.” This left everyone in splits and Jasleen instantly added, “Toh aap kahan pe ho abhi? Aap ek kaam karo, wait karo, apko partner mil jaega koi.

The couple has managed to grab the attention of even the ex-contestants including Nitibha Kaul, who featured on Bigg Boss 10.

Nitibha shared that while she doesn’t have any favourites yet, she’s “very intrigued” by the Anup Jalota-Jasleen Matharu jodi. “I would like to know more about them and understand where they are coming from. I want to know their stories – what’s going on there! It’s a very unique kind of a proposition there, it’s an interesting jodi.”

On being asked if their affair can be a game plan, Nitibha said, “For sure, a lot of people come on the show with a very pre-set focus that this is what we are going to do, this is how we will play the game, this is how we will project ourselves to the audience.

So even if there is no couple, there is no relationship, people will start acting like that because they know this is what will gain the most amount of TRP.” She added, “But only time will tell because after a point people can’t fake it. Maybe in a month or two, we will get to know the real reason and the real deal.”