Bigg Boss 14: Pavitra Punia gets into heated fight with Rahul Vaidya, tells him ‘aapke baap ka ghar nahi hai’ – tv


In a new promo for Bigg Boss 14 shared by Colors, Pavitra Punia is seen losing her cool at Rahul Vaidya for interrupting a conversation between Jaan Kumar Sanu and her. She calls him a ‘stupid idiot’ and accuses him of deliberately butting into her conversation.

Rahul tells Pavitra that she has no right to tell him when he can speak, to which she retorts, “Yeh aapke baap ka ghar nahi hai, na mere baap ka ghar hai, yeh humara ghar hai (This is not your father’s house, nor is it my father’s house. This house belongs to all of us).” He then tells her, “Aap mere baap pe na jaayein (Don’t talk about my father).”

Pavitra and Rahul’s fight gives a déjà vu of Dolly Bindra and Manoj Tiwari’s in Bigg Boss 4. Who can forget Dolly yelling ‘Baap pe jaana nahi (Don’t talk about my father)’ after Manoj tells her that the kitchen does not belong to anyone’s father?


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Rahul asks Pavitra to stop behaving like a villain and a bully, while she tells him to not intrude when other people are having conversations. “Mera mooh, meri marzi jab main kholun. Mujhe mat batao ki kisse baat karni, kisse nahi baat karni hai (It’s my mouth, I will decide when to open it. You cannot tell me whom to speak to),” he argues. Unwilling to bow down, she declares that she will continue to tell him if she feels like it.

Pavitra and Rahul have been at loggerheads with each other earlier as well. In a previous episode of Bigg Boss 14, she picked on him for ignoring wet tissues in the bathroom as he was in charge of the bathroom cleaning. He snapped at her and criticised the taste of the food that she had been cooking.

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