Bigg Boss 14 promo: Nikki Tamboli risks losing ‘confirmed’ status, Jaan Kumar Sanu says she has lost her ‘values’ – tv


During last week’s Weekend Ka Vaar episodes, Nikki Tamboli became the first contestant on Bigg Boss 14 to graduate from ‘To Be Confirmed’ to ‘Confirmed’ status. However, a new promo shared by Colors hints that her ‘confirmed’ status might be in danger.

The video begins with Bigg Boss announcing that the other contestants will get to decide whether Nikki will retain her confirmed status. Jasmin Bhasin is not in favour of it and tells her, “I don’t think you deserve to be confirmed. Aap roz apni personality change karti hain din ke hisaab se. Aapke asli rang bohot hi gande hai. Aapki zubaan gandi hai (You change your personality every day. Your true colors are very bad. The way you speak is bad).” Jasmin also feels that Nikki has misused her privilege.

Jaan Kumar Sanu, who shares a close friendship with Nikki, also does not support her. He tells her, “Jab aap confirmed contestant ban gaye, aap mein ek ahankar aa gaya (Ever since you became a confirmed contestant, there is an arrogance about you).” He adds, “Aapne apne roots, apne friends aur apne values ko kho diya (You lost your roots, friends and values).”


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Nishant Singh Malkhani tells Nikki that she seems to think that she is superior to the other contestants and says ‘baseless’ things. He advises her to become more ‘human’.

Jasmin says that tasks on Bigg Boss give a glimpse of the contestants’ personality and whenever Nikki has performed, she has shown a very ‘ugly’ side of herself, which includes abusing people. Nikki responds by calling Jasmin ‘very foolish’.

At one point, Nikki asks Jaan if he wants her to change her personality, to which he exclaims, “I want you to be you!” Nikki is also seen having an argument with Nishant later. “I lost my humanity,” she says, to which he retorts, “Do not scream at me!” He then walks off, as she says that he is doing so as he cannot face the truth. She also says that if he was really her friend, he would tell her right in the beginning what she was doing wrong.

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