Bill Gates divorce forces $50 billion foundation to weigh changes | International Business News

NEW YORK: When Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates announced their surprise split after 27 years of marriage, they said there would be no changes to their $50 billion foundation.
Now, about three weeks later, after revelations that Melinda considered divorce years earlier partly because of Bill’s ties to Jeffrey Epstein, and amid reports of his dubious behavior at Microsoft Corp, there are signs change is coming to one of the world’s most powerful philanthropic organizations.
Mark Suzman, the Gates Foundation’s chief executive officer, has told employees that he’s in talks to strengthen “the long-term sustainability and stability of the foundation.”
“I’m actively discussing with Bill and Melinda steps they and Warren might take,” Suzman said in a statement Thursday, referring to billionaire Warren Buffett, the third member of the foundation’s board.
Suzman said no…

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