bjp: As polls come closer, UP witnesses a season of shifting loyalties | India News

NEW DELHI: Former Uttar Pradesh minister Swami Prasad Maurya’s moves along with some of his close associates have added colour to the crucial assembly elections which now appear a much closer affair to a few months earlier, when many believed that the BJP was set to repeat its stellar performance of 2017.
However, Maurya and the MLAs close to him are not the only ones who have changed or are at the verge of changing their political affliation as the polls come closer. Along with a cold winter, Uttar Pradesh is also experiencing a season of shifting political loyalties ahead of state polls next month.
Here is a look at the cross-overs and acquisitions taking place in UP politics:
1) Samajwadi Party: At the moment, the Samajwadi Party appears to be biggest beneficiary as several turncoats seem to be lining for it. Congress leader Imran Masood, who is active in the Saharanpur area, has…

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