Jains attacked in Bengaluru temple over Hindi banner: BJP MP


BJP MP Tejasvi Surya on Sunday expressed concern over the alleged attack on Jains by a “few rowdy elements” in Bengaluru over “Hindi written on a banner of a temple”. Taking to Twitter, Surya claimed that the “rowdy elements” did not question the use of Arabic language in Bengaluru.


“Deeply hurt over attack on our Jain brothers in B’luru over Hindi on a banner of a temple by few rowdy elements. They however never question use of `rb~ (Arabic) in Bengaluru.

Assaulting peaceful Jains who contribute to Karnataka brings infamy to genuine Kannada lovers and activists,” Surya, a lawmaker from Bangalore South said in a tweet.

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Meanwhile, in another tweet, the BJP’s youngest MP urged young Jains in Karnataka to use Kannada in their communications and learn the history of great poets and their contribution in Kannada.

“Many great poets like Pampa, Ponna and Ranna known as Ratnatraya or three gems of Kannada literature were Jains. Very beginning of Kannada literature is Jaina Yuga. Therefore, I urge today’s young Jains in Karnataka to learn this history and also use Kannada in their communications,” he said.

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