Blake Lively Shows Off Ketchup Art For Her Daughter In Funny Pic – Hollywood Life


‘Gossip Girl’ alum Blake Lively showcased her artistic talent when she drew a character from ‘My Little Pony’ with ketchup!

Blake Lively, 33, is a woman of many talents! The Gossip Girl alum took to her Instagram Story on May 28 to showcase her eye for detail, particularly when it comes to ketchup art. The actress told fans she wanted to impress her daughter by putting the condiment in the shape of a heart, but her mini-me had a very extra request. “When you ask your kid if she wants her ketchup in the shape of a heart, knowing how impressed she’ll be, but then she looks at you and says ‘No… Fluttershy,’” Blake captioned the snap, which you can see here.

blake lively

The photo showed her ketchup recreation of Fluttershy, a character from My Little Pony, next to an image of the horse on her computer screen. Blake’s art looked very true to Fluttershy’s…

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