British ex-con James Bond jailed after threatening cops


This James Bond needs a license to chill.

A British ex-con who shares a name — and little else — with debonair spy 007 has been sentenced to 27 months behind bars after threatening to “shoot cops in the teeth” during a six-hour standoff, the Sun reported.

Bond, 55, left his Manchester neighbors shaken and stirred after guzzling vodka, not a martini, playing music at full blast and banging on his wall after skipping his anti-psychotic meds, according to the outlet.

He was seen throwing up and falling over in his garden before unleashing a rant at his neighbors, who were left “intimidated” and “nervous” by his unhinged behavior, prosecutor Lucy Wright said, the Sun reported.

“You are going to get leathered,” he yelled. “You are all going to get it! I am going to shoot you!”

James Bond.
British ex-con James Bond has been sentenced to 27 months…

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