Can you spot an animal in this image? Netizens are baffled by these black vertical lines


Optical illusions and puzzles are very popular on social media. From teenagers to adults, everyone loves solving puzzles that are challenging.


However, optical illusions have an upper hand when it comes shareability. Be it Kendall Jenner’s missing leg, a blue dress that looks black to many, non-red strawberries or a kid playing underwater, they all have gone viral at some point in time.

Now, a simple image with vertical black lines has baffled thousands of netizens.

Check Out the image:

To every viewer, the image appears to be only black vertical lines on a white background. But to see the real picture, you might need to shake your head.

The illusion was first shared on Twitter by Dr Michelle Dickinson with the caption, “You can only see this optical illusion if you shake your head (I’m serious)”.

Thousands of users have been shaking and tilting their heads to solve the illusion. Some even tried decoding it while working in office.

Here are a few reactions:

Were you able to spot an animal in the image?

While some users said they were able to spot a cat in the black vertical lines, many were baffled by the image.

Some suggested that shaking your phone is a better idea than shaking your head.

One user wrote, “I saw it right away, without moving my head. The inside of the cat’s ears appears to have a slightly orange color. I wonder what that says about the state of my eyes.”

“Can’t believe I’ve been shaking my head for this… It worked though! And yes, shaking your phone is a better option,” wrote another.