Canadian couple get criticised for kissing next to dead lion they hunted


A shocking photograph that is going viral online shows a couple kissing next to dead lion they hunted. Darren and Carolyn Carter, a trophy hunting couple from Canada, posed for the picture in South Africa after participating on a Legelela Safaris tour recently, reports The Sun.


The picture was shared by Legelela Safaris on their Facebook page, which was deactivated after the photo received massive backlash.

“Hard work in the hot Kalahari sun… Well done. A monster lion,” the page wrote while sharing the pic, according to Yahoo News.

The picture has been widely criticised on social media and led to renewed calls for a ban on trophy hunting. Many have branded the couple, who own a taxidermy business, “vile” and “disgusting” for posing next to their hunt.

Mr Carter, when asked by the Mirror to comment on his decision to pose next to the dead lion, said: “We aren’t interested in commenting on that at all. It’s too political.”

Eduardo Goncalves of the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting said to the Mirror: “Trophy hunting is an abomination. The fact that we have so many hunting trophies coming into Britain each year is a stain on our nation’s reputation.

“It is like shooting a zoo animal. These are tame animals born and bred in captivity.

“There’s nothing sporting about trophy hunting, but ‘canned hunting’ is surely the lowest of the low.”

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The image also reminded many netizens of Cecil, a lion who lived in the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe and was killed by an American dentist in 2015. His killing had prompted global outrage at the time, leading to an international campaign against trophy hunting in Africa.

The number of lions in the wild in Africa has dropped by more than 40 percent to about 20,000 in the past two decades, according to estimates.