UK's Truss joins big European club seeking 'new order without Russia'

Leaders from the UK and across Europe gather in Prague for a new political grouping. Source link

Elon Musk X: What life is like on a super-app in...

In Asia, super-apps are already a vital part of everyday life, with everything available at a click of a button. Source link

Ukraine war: 'Mother, I'm scared' – Zaporizhzhia city devastated by rocket...

Survivors retell their horrors after deadly attacks on the southern Zaporizhzhia city blamed on Russia. Source link

Greek cliff rescue in double migrant tragedy off Lesbos and Kythira

Meanwhile, on Lesbos, authorities said the bodies of 16 young women of African origin had been recovered after their boat went down near Thermi....

Thailand: At least 31 killed in attack on nursery

An ex-police officer is on the run after opening fire at the daycare centre, police say. Source link

Indonesia football crush was a ‘massacre’ – man who lost family

131 people were killed in a crush at an Indonesian football stadium on Saturday, when thousands of fans rushed on to the pitch after...

WHO alert over India-made cough syrups after deaths in The Gambia

The WHO says 66 deaths in The Gambia may be linked to four syrups made by an India-based firm. Source link

Covid: Hong Kong to lure tourists with free air tickets

"The airport authority will finalise the arrangement with airline companies. Once the government announces it will remove all Covid-19 restrictions for inbound travellers, we'll...

Kevin Spacey facing trial on New York sex abuse claim

The actor denies inappropriately touching a 14-year-old boy at a Manhattan apartment party in 1986. Source link

North Korea carries out sixth missile launch in two weeks

Pyongyang says the launch of short-range ballistic missiles is a response to US-South Korean drills. Source link
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