Nato summit: Turkey pushes Finland and Sweden on extradition after deal

The PKK, formed in the late 1970s, launched an armed struggle against the Turkish government in 1984, calling for an independent Kurdish state within...

Paris attacks trial: Verdicts due for 20 accused of mass murder

The biggest trial in modern French history readies verdicts for 20 accused over the 2015 atrocity. Source link

Fossils: Cave woman one million years older than thought

New research complicates our current understanding of where humans came from. Source link

Ukraine war: CCTV shows missile striking shopping mall in Kremenchuk

Ukraine's President Zelensky releases footage of missile strike, which killed at least 20 people. Source link

R. Kelly: The history of allegations against him

By Mark SavageBBC Music reporterImage source, Getty ImagesFor more than two decades, chart-topping R&B singer R. Kelly had faced allegations of sexual abuse.The accounts...

Udaipur: India state on alert after Prophet Muhammad row beheading

Two Muslim men in Rajasthan killed a Hindu tailor who backed controversial remarks about the Prophet Muhammad. Source link

Japan swelters in worst heatwave since 1875

Unrelenting temperatures break records for June as officials warn of a looming power shortage. Source link

Australia honey bees put in lockdown due to deadly varroa parasite

A deadly parasite is detected in the country's bee population which could cause millions of dollars of damage. Source link

Airbnb permanently bans parties and events around the world

The firm said a temporary ban on parties, which was introduced in August 2020, was popular with hosts. Source link

National Sample Survey: How India taught the world the art of...

But the results of the survey were extraordinary, delivering remarkably granular information about the daily lives of Indians. The second survey, for example, told...
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