CBSE Class 12 Physics paper tougher than last year with tricky questions: Board examiner’s comments and student reactions


    The CBSE Class 12 Physics board exam paper was conducted today, March 5, at various test centres across India. According to an experienced CBSE Board examiner for Physics, the paper was more difficult than last year with certain tricky questions. Students also noted the tricky questions but mentioned that nothing was out of syllabus.


    This is in keeping with CBSE’s trend for the last couple of years of setting questions which are not completely straightforward and so, need to be calmly analysed by students while reading the paper.

    India Today got talking to experienced Board examiner Akulina Kar, a senior Physics teacher at DPS New Town, Kolkata, with over 18 years of teaching experience and five years of board examiner experience. She spoke to us about the standard of the CBSE 2019 Class 12 Physics paper, and how students could be expected to fare in the results.

    Question standard like competitive exams

    “This year, the class 12 Physics paper was application-based, much like competitive exams,” said Kar.

    She said that the standard of the question paper was tougher than before.

    ‘Very few direct questions’

    The board examiner stated that questions 13 and 14 from Set 1 of the Physics paper were very tricky and would be difficult for average students.

    “A large percentage of the questions are HOTS or higher order thinking based questions,” she noted.

    Because so many of the questions are application based, Kar said that students who have just studied the NCERT wouldn’t be able to score well in the Physics board exam at all.

    5-mark questions rather tricky

    “Normally we expect 5-mark questions to be direct questions and weak students often depend on them to raise their marks. But this time, the 5-mark questions were not only indirect and tricky, but they were also mostly numericals even the OR’ option questions,” explained Kar.

    So, this means that average students will face a lot of difficulty in scoring well this year.

    Students speak

    Many of the students we tried to speak to in Delhi about their Physics exam turned away saying it was too bad and too tough, and that we shouldn’t ask about it.

    Though we did get mixed reactions, students pointed out that the Physics paper was tougher than last year and many balked at the huge number of numerical based questions which automatically raises the standard of the question paper.

    Expected marks by average students

    “Average marks that students would be able to score for the paper would be in the range of 40 to 50, said Kar, adding that it would be very difficult to score high marks of 60 on the 70-mark Physics paper this year