Chesapeake Walmart shooting survivor says gunman Andre Bing spared her life


A Walmart employee who miraculously survived the bloodshed that left six dead said gunman Andre Bing inexplicably decided to spare her — telling her to “go home” after he slaughtered her colleagues. 

Jessie Wilczewski said it was only her fifth day on the job when Bing, 31, opened fire on her and her coworkers as they sat in a break room and prepared for their shift. 

“It didn’t even look real until you could feel when the gun goes off — pow, pow, pow — you can feel it,” Wilczewski told local news outlet WAVY.

“I couldn’t hear it at first because I guess it was so loud, I could feel it.”

Wilczewski said Bing was firing shots from left to right while laughing and believes the massacre was planned – and that he targeted certain Walmart managers. 

The facade of the Walmart.
Andre Bing allegedly spared Jessie Wilczewski and told her to “go home.”

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