Chris Confronts Amy About Moving In – Video – Hollywood Life


Chris pushes Amy to start ‘creating space’ for him in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the all-new ‘Little People, Big World.’ After all, they are engaged!

Chris Marek and Amy Roloff are engaged, but he still hasn’t moved into her house yet. In this EXCLUSIVE preview of the June 1 episode of Little People, Big World, Chris reveals his frustration to Amy. “I do not want to be in the attic, but I also don’t want to live in a house that’s completely full of clutter and disorganized, so I am going to start pushing you. Once you let me in, I’m gonna take you to task on some things,” Chris tells Amy.

Chris brings up that Amy will often leave cups of coffee around the house all day. Amy will fully admit that she’s a procrastinator. She does pick up her coffee cups eventually. “It’s not one of those characteristics that I like to tell about,” Amy admits.

Amy Roloff

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