civil services: Women outdid men in civil services exam in 2019: UPSC | India News

NEW DELHI: The success rate of women candidates who reached the conclusive interview stage of the Civil Services Examination in 2019, in getting recommended to the civil services by the UPSC, improved to 14.6% from 14.2% in 2018. In comparison, only 7% of the male candidates who appeared for interview after clearing the mains examination, were recommended for selection – down from 7.9% recommended on the basis of CSE-2018.
The higher selection rate of women, vis a vis men who qualified for the interview, cuts across all categories like general, SC, ST, OBC and economically weaker sections (EWS). However, in absolute terms, the 1,510 women candidates who took the interview as part of CSE-2019 were far outnumbered by their 9,964 male counterparts. Of these, 220 women were recommended for various civil services including IAS, IPS etc, as against 702 successful male candidates.
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