Cji: Collegium must to ensure judiciary’s independence: CJI | India News


NEW DELHI: Chief Justice D Y Chandrachud on Saturday said the judges-selecting-judges collegium system was devised to maintain the independence of the judiciary and that there had been no pressure of any kind from the executive or the political arm of the government on judges in deciding cases.
The CJI said, “Why was the collegium system devised? It was devised for the simple reason to keep intact the independence of the judiciary, which is of cardinal value. And the judiciary must be insulated from outside influences if it has to be truly independent. That is the underlying feature and purpose of creating the collegium (system). However, we are making the judge selection process more transparent.”
Speaking at the India Today Conclave, he said, “If there had been any pressure from the government on the Supreme Court, would you have expected the SC to write a judgment on the…

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