Cliff Mass Weather Blog: Another Wet Period Ahead


We are now enjoying a short period of relatively dry conditions before the next surge of moisture reaches our shores, starting later on Sunday.  

With the expected precipitation,  September precipitation over the region will come in way above normal.

And the recent cool, wet weather has had one positive impact:  local wildfires are rapidly declining, with MUCH less smoke apparent in satellite pictures.

Compare the NASA MODIS visible satellite imagery for Tuesday (Sept. 21) with earlier this month (Sept. 7)–see below.  A LOT more smoke two weeks ago!  And with the upcoming rain, the remaining Northwest fires will become history.

Sept. 21

Sept. 7

River levels and streamflow are generally near normal around the region, which is good for supporting local salmon runs around the region.

The Soggy Story for Next Week

    The dry conditions today through Saturday are associated with a…

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