Collegium system alien to Constitution: Rijiju | India News

NEW DELHI: Law minister Kiren Rijiju on Friday launched a fresh attack on the mechanism to appoint Supreme Court and high court judges, saying the collegium system is “alien” to the Constitution.
The Supreme Court in its wisdom, through a court ruling, created collegium, he said noting that before 1991 all judges were appointed by the government.
Speaking at the Times Now Summit here, the minister said the Constitution of India is a “religious document” for everyone, especially the government.
“Anything which is alien to the Constitution merely because of the decision taken by the courts or some judges, how do you expect that the decision will be backed by the country,” he asked.
Rijiju said the collegium system is alien to our Constitution. “You tell me under which provision the collegium system has been prescribed,” he asked.
He explained that once the Supreme Court or a high court…

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