Congress leader Anand Sharma says vaccination collapsed, PM should talk to CMs over new policy | India News

NEW DELHI: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday accused the Modi government of lying about the deaths caused by the Covid pandemic even as senior party MP Anand Sharma said that vaccination programme had collapsed. He urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to call a meeting of chief ministers to formulate a new vaccination policy.
Tagging a foreign press report which juxtaposed the official Covid death figures in India of three lakh with its own projection of “more likely scenario” of 1.6 million deaths, Rahul Gandhi tweeted, “Numbers don’t lie, GOI does.” The report in the reputed American daily also stated that “a worse scenario” could see 4.2 million deaths.
Amid the ongoing slugfest between the Centre and the states over vaccine procurement and distribution, Anand Sharma said the countrymen were “suffering and were disheartened” and that the pandemic and vaccination mismanagement was a result of centralization of power.
“I urge the Prime Minister to initiate a dialogue with the chief ministers to face this challenge. There will remain ideological differences in a democracy, but these differences should not become personal. The path of confrontation between the Centre and the states hurts India’s national interest. PM Modi has spoken of cooperative federalism. Now is the time to walk the talk,” Sharma said.
In a strong criticism of the Centre, Sharma said the states were devoid of powers because of the decisions of the Central government and it was “unfair” to pin the responsibility on them.
“How can states be asked to import vaccines in the time of global disaster? Import-export, customs and trade policy are Central subjects,” he argued.

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