Coronavirus update- Take care of 9 families in 21 days: PM Modi’s appeal to citizens – india news


Prime Minister Narendra Modi appealed to citizens on Wednesday to help to nine families during the 21-day national lockdown and warned of strict action against those misbehaving with people on the front lines of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

In a video interaction with the residents of Varanasi ahead of the Hindu festival of Navratri, the constituency the PM represents in Parliament, Modi responded to several queries related to the pandemic and the government’s response to it.

“Whoever has the capability, take the pledge to take care of 9 families for 21 days. It will be a true ‘Navratri’. Due to the lockdown, animals are also facing trouble. I appeal to the people to take care of the animals around them,” said Modi.

Invoking the Mahabharata, he said the epic war was won in 18 days and his government is making the efforts to win this war against the pandemic in 21 days.

“Friends, remember the epic war of Mahabharat was won in 18 days. At present, the whole country is fighting a war against coronavirus. In Mahabharat war, Krishna was the charioteer. In this war against coronavirus, 130 crore (1.3 billion) countrymen are the charioteers. With their support and guidance, the country will win the war against the virus,” he said.

Asked about reports of misbehaviour with medical personnel and airline crew, he said he has asked the home ministry and state DGPs to take tough action against culprits. If anybody targets doctors, nurses and all those rendering their service, then it will cost them dearly, Modi said.

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