Cow population increased by 18% in India since 2012


The population of cows across the country has increased by almost 18 per cent since 2012. According to the 20th cattle count report, the population of cows in India is 14.51 crore. The population of all cattle increased by 4.6 per cent to 53.57 crore in the recent report as compared to the previous head count.

Detailed information on the 20th cattle count will be released by the Union Ministry of Animal Husbandry on Wednesday. An official source said that this time new technology was used in the cattle count, including tablets.

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A cattle head count is done every five years in the country. The first cattle head count in India was done in 1919-20. This was followed by the second cattle count in 1924-25. After independence, the first livestock count was conducted in the year 1951 and every fifth year after that.

The present cattle head count 2017 was the 20th instalment. Before that, the cattle count was done for 2007-12.