Electric eel lights up Christmas tree in aquarium


With December kicking in, we are just days away from celebrating Christmas. Prior to the festival, many are taking to social media platforms to express their joy and merriment. One such addition to the list is a video involving an electric eel and a Christmas tree.

Miguel Wattson, the electric eel at Tennessee Aquarium, is the hero who went viral among netizens for lighting up a Christmas tree. A video of the event was captured and later shared on Twitter by Miguel Wattson TNAQ. According to the profile’s bio, it’s a “character account owned by the Tennessee Aquarium”.

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The video posted on December 3, shows the electric eel swimming up and down in its glass aquarium. As the eel swims, the fully decorated Christmas tree flickers by the bio electric charge that it emits. The video also shows young children looking at Miguel with awe.

“ICYMI, here’s a video of yours truly attempting to use my discharges to power the lights on a Christmas tree. (Spoiler alert: Of course I pull it off. My phenomenal cosmic — well, bio-electric — power is basically limitless)”, reads the post’s caption.

The aquarium expects that this unique Christmas tree will increase the number of visitors and also create more awareness about this marvelous creature.

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