Eric needs to reach out to Rudy, not pick fights with him


The blowup between Mayor Adams and former mayor Rudy Giuliani on Tuesday would be unfortunate at any time, but is especially so now. As he approaches six months in office, Adams is facing many of the same problems Giuliani solved, including a dysfunctional bureaucracy. 

Both men took office amid wide doubts the city could be saved. Giuliani proved it could be and launched a new Golden Age. Adams is making progress against crime on the margins but faces a public that is increasingly skeptical of him and impatient about continuing declines in the quality of life.

Indeed, because violent crime tends to surge in the summer, the next few months are likely to be a defining time in Adams’ tenure.

Imagine, then, he and Giuliani meeting to swap ideas about more effective policing and how to improve daily life for residents and visitors. They also…

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