Even in his eighth decade, Farooq Abdullah still the only charismatic J&K politician | India News

SRINAGAR: Farooq Abdullah (86) is the senior most politician in Jammu and Kashmir at present.
He has been the Chief Minister of the state thrice. Known for his flamboyant exterior, Farooq Abdullah is a politician the like of whom J&K has not seen in the past.
Behind the merry-making, easy-going image is a shrewd politician who knows when it is time to shift from one end of the field to the other.
Even his worst political adversaries respect him for his capacity to make friends and disarm enemies.
Farooq Abdullah is often blamed for being unpredictable and that perhaps is his best political asset.
His unpredictable nature goes well with his style of functioning. During his first tenure as the Chief Minister, he was seen riding a motorcycle with a famous Bollywood actress on the pillion.
He stopped while on way to his office to help an old cart-puller negotiate the load he was pulling….

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