Ex-con would have faced lengthy sentence if not for Alvin Bragg: judge


An ex-con accused of threatening a drug store worker with a knife was told in court that he should “feel lucky” he got busted after new Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg took office, The Post has learned.

Career criminal William Rolon, 43, got the stunning advice when he was arraigned for misdemeanor petit larceny in what Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Jay Weiner called “a case that two weeks ago would have been charged as a robbery,” according to an official transcript of the proceeding.

“Based on your record, you would have faced a long period of time in jail if convicted,” Weiner said during the court proceeding early Sunday.

“The newly elected district attorney has new policies. You’re not charged with robbery; you’re charged with a misdemeanor here.”

Weiner added: “I don’t know if anyone would ever feel lucky…

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