Explainer: France forces Google to change its ad business model

NEW DELHI: Prompted by 268 million reasons — or let’s say, a fine of $268 million that Google agreed to pay France — the global search engine company capitulated and agreed to make changes to global advertising business and not abuse its dominance.
You mean, it’s huge?
No kidding. The French Competition Authority, which conducted an investigation after complaints by US-based News Corp, French news publishing group Le Figaro and Belgian press group Rossel, concluded that the search engines’s ad management platform, Google Ad Manager, was biased in favour of Google at the cost of its competitors on advertising servers.
And if you want to talk figures, how about this — last year, Google generated $147 billion revenue from its ad business. That’s more than 80% of the total revenue generated by Alphabet, Google’s holding company. While that would make the fine appear like chump…

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