Exports hit $51 billion in first 7 weeks of current fiscal

NEW DELHI: India’s exporters are not complaining about the order book, despite some hiccups in recent weeks due to lockdowns across states.
According to the latest data available with the government, India’s exports reached $50.7 billion during the first seven weeks of the fiscal year, 11% higher than the corresponding period in 2019-20. The initial weeks of the last financial year were washed out due to a strict country-wide lockdown in India, which coincided with a similar situation across large parts of the world.
But with Europe, the US and China opening up, this year is looking different. “Even in these weeks, when there were restrictions in several parts of the country, we have done well. It gives us optimism that the numbers for the full year will be much better this time,” a government source told TOI.
While exporters tend to agree, there is also a bit of concern over…

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