Fixing NYC’s criminal-justice ‘reforms’ will require political movement


Mayor-elect Eric Adams has vowed to restore the NYPD’s plainclothes anti-gun unit, as well as to push the Legislature to fix the no-bail law to let judges send dangerous perps to jail. But far more needs doing, all across the criminal-justice system, after years of ill-conceived reform.

Rethinking the Raise the Age law, or at least its implementation, heads the longer list. As The Post reported this weekend, law-enforcement insiders say the “reformed juvenile-justice system is proving deadly to those it purports to protect: teenage offenders from the city’s most at-risk communities.”

Raising the age of criminal responsibility to 18 has produced a “catch and release” cycle that teaches young offenders they can break the law with impunity — leaving them to keep offending at more serious levels until someone winds up shot and/or dead, with…

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