People shopping at a mall in Santa Cruz, California were surprised to see a Bollywood flash mob. Members of ‘Around The World In 80 Dances,’ a club that aims to ‘explore the world and bridge cultures through dance,’ were there to perform on peppy Bollywood songs.


They treated the shoppers last weekend with a dance routine on the superhit Bollywood song, London Thumakda.

The idea behind it will make you teary-eyed.

The video was shared on YouTube on February 4 and you can see the members of the dance club breaking into a dance with their killer moves. Actually their moves were so good that they could easily give a competition to Queen actress Kangana Ranaut.

The dance was so much fun that passersby also joined in. Watch the video here:

“The motive was to fulfill a wish of someone who was celebrating being one-year Leukemia free, a mother and friend who loves all things Bollywood. So we started organising to surprise her and celebrate anyone who has beaten Leukemia or cancer. As the song was so great, the group just grew and grew like wildfire, people who just wanted to join in the dance! We wanted to make it very inclusive of all who wanted to be involved, didn’t have to be pro dancers. Less of a performance and more of a pop-up celebration, to spread light and joy. And Costco was very accommodating and helpful.”

The video that already has 2.5k likes and some 105 comments, has evoked a lot of emotions among people.