Florida man Zachary Sibert tries to evade police by ‘playing frogger’ across busy interstate


A Florida man ran into oncoming traffic on the state’s busiest highways in an effort to evade pursuing police officers during a traffic stop.

Zachary Sibert was allegedly driving 110 mph and driving with a suspended license when he “decided to play Frogger,” according to the Brevard County Sheriff’s Department.

In the video released by Brevard County police on Friday, Sibert figured dodging speeding cars and trucks was a better alternative than jail.

The 29-year-old immediately jumped out of his car onto I-95 before fleeing into Buffer Preserve, which consists of 5,026 total acres.

“The good news is that Sibert yelled ‘I’m Sorry’ to our Deputy as he took off running and while he was a courteous criminal, he was not very smart,” the Sheriff’s department said on Facebook.

Sibert was captured when he allegedly offered to pay the…

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