From Billie Eilish to Bessie Smith: A climate playlist for COP26


Music for the planet

It’s time for some environmentally friendly tunes

Vladimir Sukhachev/Getty Images Source: iStockphoto

We are now in the run-up to COP26 in Glasgow, UK. You have heard how important it is: the most consequential climate summit in a generation; the meeting on which the future of the planet rests. Also, it is a massive gathering, and every gathering needs a soundtrack. So we have put one together.

Our rules for inclusion are loose. If it is a good tune and it mentions climate change or something related, then it might make the cut, but we are also allowing anything that just makes you think about the unprecedented environmental crisis we are living in, even if it was recorded in a bygone age.

By this reasoning, we are including To Live & Die in…

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