From Mental Health to Business Health – Why Risk Health Checks Are More Important Than Ever


“The landscape has changed and businesses need to survey the damage before they can move on,” says advisory firm Avonhurst

Avonhurst logo

Avonhurst logo

LONDON – The pandemic has had cataclysmic effects on people and businesses but taking time to assess the impact can lead to incredible opportunities, according to innovative advisory firm Avonhurst.

“Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny” – C.S. Lewis.

This advice comes as Avonhurst launches its new RESOLUTION Services, a specialist contentious business that brings together leading practitioners in the resolution of complex problems, whether through litigation, arbitration or before regulatory or law enforcement agencies. The launch follows a string of high-profile hires, including former White & Case Head of Litigation John Reynolds and regulatory investigations and white-collar crime…

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