Governors, speakers have been tools in govts’ hands to tackle Opposition | India News

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NEW DELHI: The framers of the Constitution had envisaged neutral positions for governors and speakers and tasked them to ensure that governance in states and functioning of assemblies were carried out in accordance with the constitutional mandate.
But right from the day the Constitution came into force, both governors and speakers became instruments in the hands of the ruling dispensation at the Centre and states to subvert the democratic mode of governance and subjugate opposition parties.
While the whimsical dismissal of state governments by the Centre using the powers under Article 356 has abated considerably in the last two decades, incidents of speakers using the anti-defection law in a politically motivated manner to coercively stitch a majority have increased.
In Hargovind Pant vs Dr Raghukul Tilak & Ors. [(1979) 3 SCC 458], the Supreme Court had dealt with the nature of…

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