Historic pig heart recipient was convicted in 1988 stabbing


The first-ever pig heart transplant recipient once stabbed a bar patron seven times in a brutal attack that now has the victim’s stunned family questioning why the life-saving organ didn’t go to someone more “deserving,” a report said Thursday.

David Bennett, a 57-year-old suffering from terminal heart disease, was convicted of the 1988 bar stabbing of Edward Shumaker, according to The Washington Post.

Shumaker’s heartbroken sister, Leslie Shumaker Downey, now says the second chance at a heart should have gone to someone else.

“Ed suffered,” Downey told the paper. “The devastation and the trauma, for years and years, that my family had to deal with.” 

The attack forced her brother to use a wheelchair, led to a stroke and ultimately his death while Bennett has a new lease on life. 

“[Bennett] went on and lived a good life….

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